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You have come to the right place if you are looking for a mix of fun and fitness. Funzxtreme has created a unique combination of attractions which will make children and adults run, jump, climb and challenge. We offer various games to make your whole day memorable.


Mix of fun and fitness

Warrior Ninja Course

You have watched those ninja warriors from your TV. Now you can be a ninja! Jump, slide and Run. Warrior Obstacle Course was one of the most reveling team building events to face your friends while testing balance and strength. Give it your best while you are fighting to stand as the last Warrior.

Our Ninja Warrior course challenges your physical and mental strength. This course is a full training for all skills with a combination of riding, jumping, climbing, and balance. The longer you go, the more difficult it becomes! With our integrated time clocks, you can challenge your best friend or beat your own record.

Ropes Course

Get extra hang time with our Funzxtreme ropes course obstacles. Learning ropes haven’t been this exciting; with a new adventure in the air that tests your balance and agility. The obstacles are high, while you and your friends learn confidence, but security is guaranteed as you are safe to use during your course.

Rope course at Funzxtreme includes 30 different obstacle elements along with bridges, labyrinths, cables, nets, etc. You can have whole new challenges to overcome every time you face The Funzxtreme ropes course. The obstacles to the factory are between easy and moderate to hard. You will always have to challenge your limits on your own terms at every point of the course.

Climbing Wall

Wanna free climb walls? Maybe start with our climbing walls ‘ harnessed with safety features. Create muscles and increase your ability to challenge gravity and to master your rise while you enjoy a fun cliff side. The Funzxtreme has several different walls with different levels of difficulty and unique challenges.

These are not your typical rock walls, but in fact, several are to be completed with your friends, so that you can challenge each other up to the top. We even have time – consuming wall for more competition. Each climbing wall has the latest Auto Belay technology, providing a secure experience and a controlled descent every time you come down.

Trampoline Park

Take a spring’s confidence and bounce back. The attraction at the Funzxtreme is the place where all the best acrobats, stuntmen and daredevils land. Show your skilled skills by going down from a high platform into the trampoline to see how high the wall is. The most important part of this attraction is the moment you experience weightlessness when you kick off the wall at the top of your jump softly. We offer various trampoline activities such as

1. Open Jump

One of the most popular children’s activities is our open jump area. It is a large area that gives every child the best free jumping experience possible. This jumping helps burn down energy, stimulates metabolism and helps to strengthen and make the heart healthier.

2. Slam Ball court

At Funzxtreme you will experience a different Slam ball experience that you have never been before. We have trampoline lanes which lead to two arches of different heights. You can take your way to the basketball net and make this gigantic leap to make a perfect slam dunk. We encourage friendly slam ball competitions as it makes the game more enjoyable.


Are you a big fan of Battle Royal Games or Call of duty? Then you would definitely love Paintball. Playing paintball could be an unforgettable experience, with flag capture, the castle walls storm and covering behind objects.

Paintball is an exciting tag game that uses paintball guns powered by air. The players are eliminated by a colorful splat marked by the paintball. We provide all safety equipment to ensure you will have an unforgettable paintball experience at Funzxtreme. Come as a person, a couple of friends, or bring your entire group; we can accommodate you.

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