Photo Booth

Bring out your event with our elegant, fun and incredible Photo Booth! Surprise your guests with this immersive and unique photo booth that makes every event unforgettable! Our photo booth is Ideal for every function, corporate event or anything with a customized background. This is our most versatile booth since it’s perfect to capture everyone at one single snap for large groups!

Our booth also provides a perfect memory of the young people for their birthdays. Your children can have endless entertainment for their next party with the option of an enclosed or open booth.

Dashing Car

Stick with your friends and keep cruising into our exciting Bumper cars. There are no rules here on the road. Never was hit and run so fun. Compete in our battle of the bumpers with your friends as your whirl around.

This is ideal for kids who love cars but aren’t old enough to drive. And also for grownups who want to bring out their frustration on other drivers in rush hour. These futuristic cars offer a float-like ride as they bump and spin 360 degrees. It is the best time killer for everyone.


One of the best sporty entertainment options is catching up with friends over a game of pool or snooker. It is time to take the cue and hit the cue ball with precision. And also compete in a friendly game if you are in the mood.

Pool joints across the city are mostly filled with thick smoke and look gloomy; we bring you a relaxed smoke-free pool/snooker ambiance. Hop into our snooker parlor with your friends and game on. We bet you surely going to love the quite and clean ambiance we provide.


There is nothing comes close to the fun of playing PS4 games with friends. Remember to have snacks right by you because you goanna feel hungry as started to play.  We include the most famous gaming series such as FIFA, PES, God of war, Call of duty.

We also got one of the latest top chart games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Fortnite, and GTA 5 which can be enjoyed by multiple players. In turn, the highly advanced SONY VR attached to the PS4 provides both virtual reality and virtual gaming. Freedom of movement creates an intuitive and unbeatable experience with fluid and seamless visuals.

Table Tennis

For those that want to play with friends or family in a good professional table tennis facility or just looking for a fun way to exercise and burning some calories drop-in to Funzxtreme

Spin & Smash is part of Ping pong (table tennis) and Funzxtreme. We have plenty of room with Butterfly Europa 25 tables for you to do either have a fun game with friends or serious competition. In both ways, you gonna Spin & Smash it. We help you have fun and uplift your game.

Party Games

What makes a good party? There are many ingredients: hilariousness and craziness, better acquaintances, experience, fun, and unforgettable memories. Our part game got the entire ingredient for making your party a picture-perfect party.

If you are someone looking for a perfect place to throw a party, Funzxtreme is your ideal destination. Our crowd-loving games make your next birthday party or hangout unforgettable. Experience them for a great time! Because let’s face it. There are some parties that are boring. Our games make your next party a great deal of fun. Try out our party games and we’re sure your party will be terrific!

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 10am – 10pm

Public Holidays: as advertised