Party Hall

FunzXtreme waits to wow your attendees. The sleek, sophisticated look of the interior makes our party hall the best place for corporate parties and corporate events. Our party halls can be booked for entertainment, activities or food. There is a large area of space available to host parties of up to 100 peoples. We offer party halls for various events that include Meetings, Birthday parties, Workshops, Team offsite, college day trips and many others. Choose space rental for yourselves or work on a more personalized party with our dedicated and friendly staff. Our well organized party members, fun entertainer and unbelievable, catering options will make your party an unforgettable party.

Birthday Parties

FunzXtreme is a prime place for private birthday parties for your children. Our specialty is that you can enjoy a clean, safe, climate controlled spot. Our inflatable, gym and other spaces offer a unique and exciting way to celebrate the special day of your child! You can count on the staff for a friendly and helpful party. The parties in both the playing area and the party room are 100% private, so you can sit back and enjoy the smile on the face of your child.

Themed Birthday Parties

Watching their favorite superhero or princess in real can make your children birthday party unforgettable. Imagine the look on the face of your son or girl if her favorite personages appear. At FunzXtreme, we have characters that fit in all children’s birthdays regardless of the theme. We have everything, whether your son or daughter wants a princess, a bounce or a superhero party we provide you.

Princess Themed Parties

FunzXtreme’s Princess Party is perfect for a girl’s party from princesses to pop-Stars. Our thematic parties engage all your guests and simultaneously honor the birthday girl. Our thematic events based on fun, interactive creative themes, musical performances, dance games and much more.

Super Hero Themed Parties

Some of our heroes made from steel. Some are webbed and others are caped – but they’re all great! One of our most popular boy themes in birthdays is Super Hero parties! Enhance the kids by bringing their favorite characters, such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, captain and even wondrous woman to life.

Toddler Parties

This party is Ideal for the toddler’s birthday! With this little party, your giggles will go around all day. Come to all of your favorites, including time of the cycle, games, painting, bubbles, mascot theme and host. A theme host is always present to our high-quality mascots for games, activities and face paintings.

Bounce Party

Make it the best birthday ever; put some bounce in the shell! Our parties are private, personalized and fantastic. We have house settings full of huge inflatables, slides, games, and more than life. Our party packages are suitable for a wide range of party sizes so that children can bring all their friends with them.

Corporate Events and Team building

It’s time to get the staff out for a party or team building event, but don’t know what to do? We offer a variety of adventurous activities at our facility to challenge your team to unite and overcome by creating new links. Our events in teambuilding show your employees how to use their strengths and skills to complement their colleagues to become a coherent team with success. Our specialized team helps you to create a personalized package that meets your needs and budget for your business events. No need to return to the office before or after your business – or corporate meeting rooms is outfitted with the latest technology to have a successful team conference. FunzXtreme is the right place for you if you are looking for a unique venue for meetings, team building activities, private corporate events, employee appreciation parties, etc.
Meeting Rooms

Our corporate conference room provided with state – of – the – art technology to ensure you to have successful team meetings and workshops. At Funzxtreme our meeting rooms include

  •  Free wifi
  •  Large Screen and projector
  •  Spacious rooms
  •  Screens with HDMI input
  •  Audio speakers

Party Rooms

We have party halls that give you space for your privacy when it’s time to celebrate with your staff. Choose a party room or select a party package to connect with your team with your favorite activities.

School and College Day Trip

Make your day trip an exciting and memorable trip with FunzXtreme. Our indoor adventure facilities offer a unique setting for your day trip that surely makes your trip a most unforgettable one. You will enjoy the advantages of tailor-made package prices, and students will enjoy all the fun of a Funzxtreme day trip – any time of year.

Group Events

A Funzxtreme group event is a memorable experience. There seems to be something magical as you enter the Funzxtreme. When you see the adventures from the wall to the wall waiting to be explored, this brings you again to that same feeling that you once experienced when the bell rang for recess. The only thing is that the playground is a lot cooler. It’s exciting to book a group event with Urban Air, but stress – free too. All items are set up for your event so that you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of being concerned about hosting your party reservation specialists.

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